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EST. 1986



Japanese Restaurant Kobe has proudly served the Maastricht community for nearly 35 years. Since our inception, we have remained committed to our vision statement: "Providing our guests with an authentic Japanese cuisine experience." This commitment drives everything we do.


To deliver on this vision, we prioritize the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our menu showcases the clean and healthy flavors of Japan, bringing an authentic taste to your palate. Accompanying our culinary delights is a team of capable and friendly staff members who are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Furthermore, our extensive wine selection complements the dining experience perfectly.


We take great care in selecting our teppanyaki chefs, ensuring they possess significant experience or providing them with comprehensive training by seasoned Japanese teppanyaki and sushi chefs. This guarantees the utmost quality and excellence in cooking. While each chef may have their unique style of cooking, the authenticity and high standards we uphold remain consistent across the board.


Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to provide you with an unforgettable Japanese dining experience.



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Since November 2019, Japanese Restaurant Kobe has been under the ownership of two young entrepreneurs, Lace Patelski-Juezan and Andrei 'Emman' Juezan, who are siblings. Prior to becoming owners, Lace had been working at Kobe since 2013, while Emman joined in 2016 as a teppanyaki chef. Together with their exceptional team, they have gained comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the restaurant over the years.


While embracing the existing vision, Lace and Emman also aim to modernize and continuously improve it. They prioritize two key elements above all else: upholding and enhancing the quality of both the food and the overall dining experience.


Their unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of culinary excellence ensures that every dish served at Japanese Restaurant Kobe reflects their dedication to quality. Additionally, they strive to create an exceptional dining atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on every guest.


With Lace as the hostess, welcoming guests with a smile, and Emman as a skilled teppanyaki chef, they work alongside their remarkable team to consistently provide an outstanding dining experience for all who visit.


As the new owners, Lace and Emman are excited to carry forward the tradition of Japanese Restaurant Kobe while injecting fresh ideas and innovations. They are driven by their passion to exceed expectations and create memorable moments for their guests, while upholding the essence of Japanese cuisine and hospitality.

"When you come into our restaurant, we want you to feel at home and relaxed. Enjoy the teppanyaki show and have a chat with  the teppanchef or service staff, watch your dishes beging skilfully made.  Enjoy food, drinks and enjoy the company you are with. If you want to see our sushi chef in action, you can sit at the sushi bar. And for an intimate evening with just your partner, friends or family you can choose a separate table."

- Lace -

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